happy tails
Ryder - ADOPTED!!!
Chaco and Oreo - ADOPTED!!!
Bear (now Harry with his new little sister) - ADOPTED!!!
Elvis - ADOPTED!!!
Hank - ADOPTED!!!
Gouda (now Jenny) - ADOPTED!!!
Stoagie (now Driggs) - ADOPTED!!!
Ranger - ADOPTED!!!
Petunia (now Bella) - ADOPTED!!!
Jake - ADOPTED!!!
Grace - ADOPTED!!!
Georgie Girl - ADOPTED!!!

Hemi and Hummer - ADOPTED!!!
Daphne - ADOPTED!!!
Carl - ADOPTED!!!
Beau - ADOPTED 2 yrs ago!!!
Gwen - ADOPTED!!!
Buford - ADOPTED!!!
Rosie - ADOPTED!!!
Cedar - ADOPTED!!!
Aspen - ADOPTED!!!
Randy - ADOPTED!!!
Remington - ADOPTED!!!
Charger - ADOPTED!!!
Clover - ADOPTED!!!
Kiki - ADOPTED!!!
Carmella - ADOPTED!!!
Daphne - ADOPTED 1 year ago!!!
Ranger - ADOPTED!!!
Heidi - ADOPTED!!!
Ginger - ADOPTED!!!
Reggie - ADOPTED!!!
Minnie - ADOPTED!!!
Louise - ADOPTED!!!
Truman - ADOPTED!!!
Sarah - ADOPTED!!!
Bumble - ADOPTED!!! 
Mable - ADOPTED!!!
Dallas - ADOPTED!!!
Magnus (now Murphy) - ADOPTED!!!
Peter (now Otis) - ADOPTED!!!
Tobi Belle - UPDATE (Adopted 4 1/2 years ago!!!)
Bode - ADOPTED!!!
Lucy (now Kona) - ADOPTED!!!
Dalton - ADOPTED!!!
Charlie - UPDATE (one of our first adoptees!)
Kruger - ADOPTED!!!
Ricky - ADOPTED!!!
Daisy (now Delta) - ADOPTED!!!
Jeter and Bodie - ADOPTED!!!
Grace - ADOPTED!!!
Max - ADOPTED!!!
Duncan - ADOPTED!!!
Huey - ADOPTED!!!
Parker - ADOPTED!!!
Jazzy (now Raphaela) - ADOPTED!!!
Duke - ADOPTED!!!
Journey - ADOPTED!!!
Bruno and Brutus - ADOPTED together!!!
Grace - ADOPTED!!!
Hunter - ADOPTED!!!
Sally (now Roxy) - ADOPTED!!!
Cassidy - ADOPTED!!!
Gus - ADOPTED!!!
Jazzy - ADOPTED!!!
Zoe - ADOPTED!!!
Bella - ADOPTED!!!
Carmella - ADOPTED!!!
Dalton - ADOPTED!!!
Morty - ADOPTED!!!
Star - ADOPTED!!!
Tinsel - ADOPTED!!!
Ben - ADOPTED!!!

Jasper - ADOPTED!!!
Samara (center) - ADOPTED!!!
Cooper - ADOPTED!!!
Charlie - ADOPTED!!!
Baron and Benjy - ADOPTED!!!
Rosie - ADOPTED!!!
Brodie - ADOPTED!!!
Shadow - ADOPTED!!!
Lizzie - ADOPTED!!!
Maya - ADOPTED!!!
Cisco - ADOPTED!!!
Poppy - ADOPTED!!!
Curly Sue - ADOPTED!!!
Jessie - ADOPTED!!!
Daisy - ADOPTED!!!
Bennett - ADOPTED!!!
Maeve - ADOPTED 9/2012 - update!!!
Kitt - ADOPTED!!!
Drake (aka Buck) - ADOPTED!!!
Jack - ADOPTED!!!
Mandy - ADOPTED!!!
Nikko - ADOPTED!!!

Randall - ADOPTED!!!
Lola - ADOPTED!!!
Willie Wonka - ADOPTED!!!
Finnegan - ADOPTED!!!

Teki - ADOPTED!!!

Tony - ADOPTED!!!
Gus - ADOPTED!!!

Hank - ADOPTED!!!

Skye - ADOPTED!!!



Wizard - ADOPTED!!!
Linus - ADOPTED!!!  

Wylie (formerly Joker) - ADOPTED!!!

Elliott - ADOPTED!!!


Helen - ADOPTED!!!

Jojo - ADOPTED!!! 

Chesney - ADOPTED!!!

Bella - ADOPTED!!!

Brannigan - ADOPTED!!!

Oliver - ADOPTED!!!

Sophie - ADOPTED!!!

Luke (formerly known as Amstel) - ADOPTED!!!

Mac (formerly known as McIntyre) - ADOPTED!!!

Mo (formerly known as Morrison) - ADOPTED!!!

Jetta - ADOPTED!!!


Jetta was adopted 3 years ago - here are before and after pictures!
Lincoln (formerly Blackjack) - ADOPTED!!!

Rombauer and Lexi
(formerly known as Buddy and Nala) - ADOPTED!!!

Karl - ADOPTED!!!

Dempsey - ADOPTED!!

Jayce (one of Molly's puppies) - ADOPTED!!!

Bear (formerly Dutch) - ADOPTED!!!

Maddy (formerly Puddin') - ADOPTED!!!

Buddy - ADOPTED!!!

Machias (formerly Costner) - ADOPTED!!!

Machias with brother, Tanner (a former Paws4Rescue adoptee!)
Tate (formerly Gilbert) - ADOPTED!!!

Tate with big brother, Beau (a former Paws4Rescue adoptee!)
Duke (aka Buster) - ADOPTED!!!

Sadie (one of Molly's puppies) - ADOPTED!!!

Sherman - ADOPTED!!!

Will - ADOPTED!!!

Kate - ADOPTED!!!

Bacci - ADOPTED!!!

Goose - ADOPTED!!!


Goose and his brother, Cruz (a previous PAWS4RESCUE adoptee)!
Bell - ADOPTED!!!

The new belle of the beach!
Finnegan (aka Carlton) - ADOPTED!!!

Theo - ADOPTED!!!

Sadie - ADOPTED!!!

Tessie - ADOPTED!!!

Coltrane - ADOPTED!!!

Matty Rose - ADOPTED!!!

Goldie (aka Jazzy) - ADOPTED!!!

Goldie and sibling, Sunni!

Charlie - ADOPTED!!!



Updated picture - Charlie (now 8 mo old!) with his forever family
Quigley - ADOPTED!!!

Jaylah - ADOPTED!!!


Jazzy - ADOPTED!!!



Pepper - ADOPTED!!!

Tibby - ADOPTED!!!

Charlie (formerly known as Ash) - ADOPTED!!!


Huck - ADOPTED!!!


Huck (center) with his new siblings in their Halloween bandanas!
Tobi - ADOPTED!!!


Tobi with her forever mom!


                         "Saving one dog will not change the world, but it surely will change the world for that one dog!" -- author unknown

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